F.A.S.T Shampoo and conditioner

So I was given 3 tester sachets of shampoo and conditioner from F.A.S.T a company who’s products claim to promote a healthy and rapid hair growth.

I spread this over 2 uses per sachet totalling 6 uses of each. Well today I came home to another 3 sachets of each, and also a conditioning hair masque provided by the company which I used tonight.

So effectively over the space of 2 and a half weeks I have had 6 sachets of each (doubled to 12 but a couple of used left) of the shampoo and conditioner and tonight used shampoo and the hair masque as well (I have a wedding tomorrow).

I’ve had a look on the Internet and it’s stocked in major cosmetic stores such as Boots and on amazon online so is a fairly well distributed company. The price is Β£29.99 for a set of shampoo and conditioner 300 ml sizes. You don’t need a lot either as the shampoo lathers really well with water and the conditioner one of the real silky type that spreads from root to tip easily.

I find the shampoo after rinsed leaves your hair quite clammy and dry feeling but that’s ok as you obviously use conditioner after which instantly leaves your hair like silk.

So ladies the result you’ve been dying to hear?! Does it work?

Well this week alone my mum and even my husband!! (He notices nothing!) Both commented on how long my hair has gotten! Just under 3 weeks approximately 2 cm growth and unbelievable condition so healthy and soft. I love it!!

Get ordering ladies!

If I use this for the rest of the year I’m confident I’ll look like Rapunzel hahha (slight exaggeration) but not far from it!!


Author: beautybytrialar

Hi guys My name is Annie and I'm 22 years old. I'm an everday mother to two children who has a passion for beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle. I like to find hints, tips and tricks ... create videos and review products, meals, experiences and treatments that companies would like me to try :-D I love this job! I have facebook, twitter and instagram; www.facebook.com/groups/BeautyByTrial www.twitter.com/BeautyByTrialAR Instagram: BeautyByTrialAR https://beautybytrialar.wordpress.com If you are a business or blogger and would like to contact me you can catch me on Beautybytrialar@gmail.com Many thanks Annie xo

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